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YAM-008-2 Altairlion Doll Figure

The Altairion is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It appears as a playable unit in the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha and the 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha, and is one of two component machines that combines to form the Hyperion. The Altairion's namesake is derived from a heavenly body, specifically, the star Altair.


The Altairion's body is dominated by the sharp, aerodynamic lines common to most Armored Modules. Its most distinctive feature are the two G-Accelerator Driver nacelles on either side of its body, attached at the shoulders. In its Cruise Figure, the body becomes roughly delta shaped, with the nacelles extending forward past the rest of the body. Painted in Ibis Douglas's personal color scheme, the Altairion is decorated in white, with small highlights of light and dark blue.

The Altairion's sleek transforming design and extensive complement of missile weaponry suggest its inspiration is the Valkyrie series of variable fighters from Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

Created as one of the two prototypes of Project Terrestrial Dream, the DCAM-008-2 Altairion is a high-performance machine intended mainly for space flight and combat. Its designer is Filio Presty, and it is built at the Tesla Leicht Institute. Using data from the Guarlion and Calion, it surpasses all previous Armored Modules, in terms of mobility and versatility, thanks to its Twin Tesla Drives, and its ability to transform from the humanoid Doll Figure to the aircraft-like Cruise Figure. All the Altairion’s weapons are internalized - and several are options - in order to facilitate the unit’s transformation process. In either form, it is fully flight-capable in the atmosphere of Earth or similar planets. Unlike most Armored Modules, the Altairion is a two-person machine, requiring a main pilot and co-pilot.

The extreme performance capabilities of the Altairion make it unsuitable for average pilots, even with the co-pilot handling subsystem control and attack pattern data. In the Alpha series this is made starkly clear when Ibis Douglas lost control of the unit during a trial run of Maneuver GRaMXs. In the aftermath of this accident Tsugumi Takakura implements a series of limiters on the unit’s performance and locks Maneuver GRaMXs. The Altairion remains in the hands of Ibis and Tsugumi, as they move into space, keeping the machine as a form of protection in uncertain times. It quickly returns to use as the events of The Sealing War unfolds. As the rivalry between Ibis and Sleigh Presty intensifies, Tsugumi releases the limiters at Ibis’ behest by activating Code F-77X, allowing the unit to be used at its full potential and eventually combine with Sleigh’s Vegalion.


Altairion Doll Figure (DF)Edit

Height: 19.2 meters

Weight: 28.4 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 90mm GG Cannon
    A pair of chest-mounted machine cannons. The “GG” stands for “Gravity Guidance.”
  • CTM-02 Spigeaul
    Miniature missiles stored in the Altairion's forearms that can be used to assault tightly-clustered enemy formations.
  • Sonic Saber
    Extending a pair of energy blades from the tips of its nacelles, the Altairion rushes forward to slash its enemy. Immediately after the attack, the machine transforms to Cruise Figure in order to make a speedy retreat.
  • CTM-07 Prominence
    Long-range missiles stored in the same area as the Spigeaul missiles.
  • G-Accelerator Driver
    The outer sides of each nacelle raise to reveal the barrels of two high-powered railguns capable of hitting targets beyond even the Prominence missiles' range.

Altairion Cruise Figure (CF)Edit


Altairion Cruise Figure (CF) mode

Length: 28.3 meters

Weight: 28.4 tons

Weapon Systems:

  • 90mm GG Cannon
    A pair of chest-mounted machine cannons. The “GG” stands for “Gravity Guidance.”
  • CTM-07 Prominence
    Long-range missiles stored in the same area as the Spigeaul missiles.
  • G-Accelerator Driver
    With more power being distributed to the Twin Tesla Drive in Cruise Figure, the G-Accelerator Drivers suffer a loss in range and are used for powerful mid-range assaults.
  • Maneuver GRaMXs
    Rather than an individual weapon, Maneuver GRaMXs is a precisely-timed attack pattern, utilizing the Altairion's entire arsenal. With its Twin Tesla Drives at full boost, the Altairion begins by firing a salvo of Prominence and Spigeaul missiles. Rushing forward, its GG Cannon and G-Accelerator Drivers are fired rapidly before extending both Sonic Sabers and ramming the enemy, pulling away after the attack is complete. "GRaMXs" is the abbreviation of "Gravicon Rapid acceleration Mobility Break Cross (X) shoot."

Video GalleryEdit

2nd Super Robot Wars OG Altairlion All Attacks04:52

2nd Super Robot Wars OG Altairlion All Attacks

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