Alles Geist is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series, it is an enemy mecha in Real Robot Regiemnt 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation while it's evolved form is an enemy mecha in the former while it is both an enemy and playable mecha in Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Moon Dwellers, it is piloted by Devant Orge in all its appearances.


The Alles Geist is large purple mecha with a large red jewel like core in its chest, its left arm has a massive hand with spiked knuckles while its right arm is fitted with a massive cannon with 2 nubs above and below the barrel, on it's shoulders are two mouth like hatches where its Storm Ray cannons are stored, it's back has 2 wing like verniers. As Endlich Geist its body becomes more organic looking with large vein covered muscles covering its arms and legs and 2 tail like tentacles coming from its back and Einst like horns protruding from its head and left arm. The cannon becomes more like a large creature attached to the machine with spikes replacing the nubs and a mouth-like cover over the barrel.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

Alles Geist is a heavy mobile weapon developed by the Gaia Sabers as part of Project Idealants, it's equipped with an experimental Faul Kern generator derived from the core of Jetzt Regisseur and is fitted for both close and long range combat, it also incorporates artificial muscle, nerve and epithelial tissues of the Jetzt making it a semi-bio weapon to be piloted by human hands similar to the Rein Weiss Ritter and is used to gather data.

Alles Geist weaponry includes the aptly named Huge Left where it punches its target with it's massive left arm, the Big Right where it fires a powerful beam from the cannon on its right arm as well as the Stun Right using the stun gun units above and below the barrel as well as can used the Red Horn on its head to impale its targets and can fire multiple beams from the concealed canneds called Storm Ray. It can also use these weapons as part of the combat pattern Code C.U.N. (Canny Ulimatum Nails).

It would be fielded by Project Idealants Artificial Human Devant Orge in various operations including battles against the Steel Dragon Squad, however the Alles would be absorbed by AI1 during the final stand of Eldy Mitte and AI1 with the Garbeus. Alles Geist was presumed lost after the Sealing War but would reappear after the Crossgate Burst Phenomenon as the evolved Endlich Geist.

With the Faul Kern awakening and evolving into a Jetzt Core the Alles underwent a startling evolution gaining a considerable boost to all combat capabilities, such as gaining wings for flight and tail like appendages to grapple and pull targets into close range to impale them with its horn or extend its massive left arm to strike targets from further away then Alles could, the Big Right cannon evolved into the Big Lightning where it fires a large blast in conjunction with the Stun Right spikes providing a massive boost to the beam. As with Code C.U.N. all these weapons are used in tandem in the combat pattern U.U.A. (Uncanny Ultimatum Arms).

Curiously enough the Endlich Geist has the ability to draw and later in the Gadisword/Fury conflict produce Lamalice which made it a target for the Dark Brain Army to in an attempt to revive their master. During the final battle with Skull Knight and Debudedabide Ariel Orge was able to reach out to Devant and awaken him from within the Endlich's core before getting blown away by XN-L, however he would return to the battlefield shortly after and assist the Steel Dragon Squad in defeating the Ancient Giant for good, the Endlich Geist would then be taken to Izu to be studied.

(If the player fails to awaken Devant however, Endlich will simply be MIA after XN-L appears).


  • Height: 35.3m
  • Weight: Alles: 188.1t/Endlich: 240t
  • Generator: Faul Kern


  • Huge Left:
    Alles strikes with its large fist, as Endlich it can extend the spikes on its fist to impale the target
  • Red Horn:
    Alles uses its head horn as an impaling weapon, as Endlich it uses its tails to drive the target into its horn
  • Big Right/Lightning:
    Alles fires a massive beam from its right arm cannon, as Endlich uses the stun right spikes and energy gathering wings to further enhance the beam.
  • C.U.N.:
    A combat pattern utilizing, Huge Left, its Big Right weapons and Storm Ray in that order in that order to destroy its target.
  • U.U.A.:
    Endlich's combat pattern starting with the target getting impaled by the tail units and the Stun Right, after getting knocked away Endlich then fires the Big Lightning and finishes off the attack with Crisis Ray.


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