Akane Ardygun
Super Robot Wars W character
Gender Female
Species Human
Known relatives Kazuma Ardygun (older brother)
Blessfield Ardygun (father, deceased)
Shihomi Ardygun (older sister)
Mihiro Ardygun (younger sister)
Yuumi Ardygun (mother, deceased)
Military History
Rank N/A

Akane Ardygun is a member of the Ardygun family in Super Robot Wars W. The second oldest daughter in the Ardygun family, 20 year-old Akane is a rather cheerful, but stern woman. Her father is Blessfield Ardygun of the Ardygun clan. Her younger sister is Mihiro Ardygun and her older brother is Kazuma Ardygun, both pilots of the Valhawk.

She serves as the weapons operator aboard the Valstork. According to her, she prefers a tough man, and her gullible personality makes her an easy target for Horis Horian's teasing. She's also troubled about her chest size, something Horis constantly jokes about. She also happens to be a fan of Uppo-kun, the mascot at the Wateropolis amusement park.