Adamatron art

Adamatron (アダマトロン) is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It first appears in and serves as the true final boss of 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation


Adamatron is a massive serpentine like mecha with a human like torso, it has 5 sets of wings, 3 Angelic on it's back, 2 Demonic with one set in place of arms on the torso and one set wrapped around it's waist, all the wings have a red orb on their joints, its chest has AI1 embedded in it held by purple fangs surrounded by 6 of the same red orbs on its wings. It's head is similar to the mask Euzeth Gozzo wears with a Crossgate floating over its head like a halo.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

A powerful machine created by Euzeth by fusing AI1 rebuilt with Zehirut Crystals and Nashim Ganeden using Ing Egret as the "Masyaf" to keep Ganeden's psyche under control. It boasts extremely high combat power and is equipped with the Crossgate Paradigm System that in theory will allow Euzeth control over all of causality, revive from alternate dimensions and remake the universe. Demonstrating this power, Euzeth seemingly destroys Amara's Galilnagant and then summons Volkruss, the Custos and the Shikyou Chokijin from a different dimension. After a long battle the Kouryu Sentai manage to damage Adamatron but it begins to heal rapidly due to AI1, the Air Christmas then appears and in one last act of redemption Lee Linjun rams Adamatron with the ships Field Blade then warps into it, apologizing to the Kouryu Sentai for his actions and for allowing this to happen he then self-destructs the ship within Adamatron allowing Ing to escape and seemingly killing Irui who had stayed inside to keep Ganeden's powers suppressed. Euzeth attempts to take control of Ing again but Ing states it will no longer work. With renewed hope the Kouryu Sentai press on the attack and finally bring down Adamatron.

Adamatron SpecificationsEdit

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Supporting System: Cross Gate Paradigm System

Pilot: Euzeth Gozzo

Weapon Systems:

  • Eden Gelsh:
    Adamatron charges a massive amount of energy into the red orbs on its body and then fires numerous beams of  crimson black light at multiple targets or in a cross shaped area. (The MAPW version seals spirit commands.)
  • Idoni Zamu Kara:
    Using the Crossgate halo over its head Adamatron summons alternate versions of Ouryoh, the Custos and the Shikyou Chokijin which all open fire on the target, Adamatron then fires a red beam vaporizing the summoned servants which then is swept across the ground annihilating the target in a cataclysmic explosion.
  • Elyon Yeda Doma:
    Adamatron's ultimate attack which supposedly overloads an enemies mind with forbidden knowledge.
    First a dark shadow extends from Adamatron and draws the target into the AI1 orb on its chest where visions of Juddecca (Kuroki no Jigoku/The Black Hell), Astranagant (Kuroki no Tenshi/The Black Angel), and the Dis Astranagant (Kuroki no Juushin/The Black Gun God) are shown, then the target is flung to a white pulsating space where visions of both Ganeden's are shown (The Ancient Forbearers), the target is then flung out of the AI1 space and then pulled into the Crossgate halo and slammed into a barren landscape with a mirage of Adamatron towering over it all, meteors then start falling and with each one that impacts the ground a pillar of light to erupt before long even more pillars erupt and cause the everything to be engulfed in light, then a small glimmer floats up to Adamatron, as the small light reaches its face it begins enlarge and shoot out beams of light until it bursts destroying the mirage and sends the target hurtling through the visions and back out the Crossgate.

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Adamatron is created in the same manner as Chojin Zest in Super Hero Sakusen, in that game he uses the Devil Gundam where here he uses Nashim Ganeden fused with AI1.