The Rapiéçage is a fictional robot in the Super Robot Wars series. It has appeared as an enemy unit in Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 and Super Robot Wars Original Generations, but made a brief, playable
Rapiecage pic 2
appearance later on in both games.


The Rapiéçage is a humanoid, all-range attack unit that mockingly bears some shared design features with the Alt Eisen, Weiss Ritter, Wild Wurger, and Wild Falken, as combat data from the four Personal Troopers were used to create it. It shares its designation "ASK" with the Ashsaber, and utilizes the same chassis. Its name is of French origin, meaning patchwork, as indeed it is a menacing amalgamation of the prominent features of the four above-mentioned mecha.

Technical And HistoricalEdit

The Rapiéçage was first offered to Shadow-Mirror officer, Axel Almer, to pilot by Lemon Browning, as his Soulgain was still under repair, but he adamantly refused to pilot something even distantly related to his arch-nemesis' machine, telling her instead to give it to one of The School children. Lemon took his word for it, and assigned it to Ouka Nagisa. From that point on, she would be the sole pilot of the machine.

The Rapiéçage is equipped with a Boost Drive, an improved Tesla Drive, giving it faster flight and extreme maneuverability. Its armaments can be considered "shadows" of the ones its predecessors had. It also sports an improved version of the GEIM System, allowing the equipped machine to respond at the speed of the pilot's thoughts. Unlike its predecessor, it does not drive its pilots insane, however, extreme mental conditioning is required to handle it properly as well as stripping the pilot naked to interface with the machine.

In the anime adaptation Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspector episode 21, The Rapiéçage is shown to have been exposed to Machine Cells, which never occurred in the games. This results in it gaining regenerative capabilities and significantly increased speed and firepower, as well as slightly altering its appearance. This Machine Cell-enhanced variant is called by Dr. Setme the Rapiéçage Fantôme, or patchwork ghost.


Model: ASK-G03C

[[Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2|

Height: 24.5 Meters

Weight: 106.4 Tons

Known Pilots: Ouka Nagisa

Weapon Systems:

  • Neo Plasma Cutter
    A powered-up version of the standard Personal Trooper energy melee weapon.
  • Penta Chaingun
    A five-barreled chaingun, similar to the one the Alt Eisen Riese has. It is even mounted on the same arm location.
  • Magnum Beak
    A close range attack maneuver, where the Rapiéçage charges at the enemy and impales it with its claws, firing a charge similar to the Alt Eisen's Revolving Stake to knock the enemy up, in order to slash it with the wings on its back. The name is derived from the Jet Magnum plasma punch attack of the Gespenst series, and the Wild Wurger's Victim Beak wing attack.
  • O. O. Launcher
    The Over Oxtongue Launcher, as the name implies, is a much more powerful version of the Weiss Ritter's signature weapon. It has two modes of fire: an energy blast or a salvo of high-velocity rounds, both of which its pilot can chain together, when attacking at long range.
  • Split Missile-H
    Missiles stored in the knee and fired as a MAP weapon, similar to the Wild Falken's, but with greater destructive capabilities.
  • U. U. N.
    Short for Uncanny Ultimatum Nail, this can be thought of as the Rapiéçage's answer to the Alt Eisen's Trump Card attack , the Weiss Ritter's Oxtongue Launcher D attack, or the Wild Falken's Oxtongue Rifle D attack.

Other Systems

  • AB-Field
    A barrier that reduces beam-based weapons' efficiency to a greater extent than the more common beam coating.


Like most units created by the Shadow-Mirror, the Rapiéçage has a self-destruct option called Code ATA, which stands for "Ashes To Ashes".