AL-3 Alice
Super Robot Wars L character
Nicknames Alice
Age Ageless
Gender Female
Species Android
Occupation Maid
Known relatives Nagumo Ichitaka (master)
Yuunagi Graife (master)
HL-0 Haruno (colleague)
Professor Graife (master, creator)
Military History
Affiliation JUDA Corporation


Units Piloted Rushbird

Alice is the heroine of Super Robot Wars L, a robot maid designed by Professor Graife. She serves as the co-pilot of Rushbird alongside Nagumo Ichitaka, the hero of the game.


Actually, she is a housekeeper android in charge as a maid in general. However, she has a deep secret that relates to the main mecha of the game, the Rushbird, which is not realized by herself. After professor Graife, her creator is kidnapped by the game's antagonist organization known as GreAT, she joins Ichitaka in his pursuit as the co-pilot of the Rushbird. After taking the Rushbird from the ruined lab, they join up with JUDA Corporation and later the special taskforce LOTUS. During their travels, they reunite with Ichitaka's older brother, Yuunagi Graife and his personal android maid, HL-0 Haruno in their mech, the Straybird. However, Yuunagi and Haruno unexpectedly attacked them blindly. Since then, a several fights between the siblings occured. In their umpteenth battle, Yuunagi's relentless assault unlocks Alice's secret. She was intended to work with the Rushbird as Alice is needed to access its more powerful attacks. This does not come without consequences, as Alice overheats and is forced to shut down after the initial release. After a few more fights, Yuunagi reconciles with his brother while Haruno reconciles with Alice, and all four with their allies strive to stop the GreAT Organization.